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  • 2014 Fish Count at Nequasset Dam

    An Exciting Year with Many Fish

    The 2014 fish count brought in valuable information about the high numbers of fish that that climbed the ladder to enter Nequasset Lake this year.  Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who helped out with this successful fish count!

    This year is particularly important because it is the last year with the old 1955 fish ladder.  This summer, the old ladder will be removed and a new ladder put in its place. The count this year gives us a solid foundation to use to assess the new ladder.  Can’t wait until the 2015 count!

    The Numbers:


    May 5 -June 9, 2014


    978 bushels/ 117,360 fish

     Fish over the dam, observed


     Fish over the dam, extrapolated


     Estimated Total Run


     # of volunteers


     % escapement


    Highest 10 Minute Fish Count


    fish up small a


    Some of Our Excellent Fish Counters:


    Henry Heyburn at fish ladder small IMG_8511 smallIMG_1444 small IMG_1512 small a

    2014 Media

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    Restoring the Alewives: A Natural Phenomenon As Old As the Coast Returns, Coastal Journal 4.24.2014

    • The 95 amazing volunteers that took part in the project
    • Bill Potter, Chairman, Woolwich Fish Commission
    • Steve Bodge, Herb Lilly, and Tamara Lilly, alewife harvesters

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