2017 Nequasset Fish Count


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We count every day the fish are running, typically from early May to early June, 6:00 am – 8:00 pm. Select a two hour period from the 2017 signup sheet (a calendar that links to a sign-up form), then count any TWO 10 minute blocks within your two hour period -whatever works for you!

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Fish Count Expected to Start in May, 2017

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The 2017 Fish Count at Nequasset Dam will support the sustainable harvest of alewives at Nequasset.  The count provides important information about annual population fluctuations and the status of Nequasset alewives.  It also helps with understanding the operation and impacts of the new fish ladder on the Nequasset alewife run.

Alewives are anadromous fish that spend the majority of their lives at sea but return to freshwater to spawn. They have been an important cultural and economic component of Woolwich for centuries. Because of continued careful stewardship, Nequasset is considered one of the top alewife runs in the State. The fish ladder at Nequasset Dam gives the fish access to vital spawning habitat in Nequasset Lake.  The fish ladder was rebuilt in summer-fall 2014  as part of the Nequasset Fish Ladder Restoration Project.

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