Our Staff

Carrie Kinne, Executive Director

Carrie graduated from the University of Maine and has lived and worked in Maine all her life. Her career has focused primarily in the area of fundraising where she has spent the last twenty-five years working with a variety of non-profits across the state. She grew up on the Kennebec River in Farmingdale but now lives in North Yarmouth and has a camp in Lincoln with her family. Carrie loves the State of Maine and exploring all the amazing places that make Maine “the way life should be”. ckinne@kennebecestuary.org


bk_easement monitoring_2015-001Becky Kolak, Program Director

Becky served KELT as an AmeriCorps volunteer in 2011 doing community outreach on the impact of water quality to regional shellfish beds, harvesters and local economies. From there, she became KELT’s first Education Coordinator. Now as Program Director, she energetically shares her knowledge of the natural resources of the Kennebec Estuary and manages KELT’s Education, Stewardship, and Restoration programs with fellow KELT staff. Huzzah!  bkolak@kennebecestuary.org


Ruth Indrick, Project Coordinator

Ruth found her way to Maine in 2011 as an AmeriCorps volunteer for the Department of Marine Resources. She started at KELT in 2012, leading the Kennebec Estuary Shellfish Area Project with a mix of outreach, education fieldwork, and science.  Since then, she has delved into more projects throughout the estuary, leading KELT’s focus on water quality and restoration through projects that target coastal ecosystems, fish passage, marine invasives, tidal restrictions, and water quality. Ruth also helps support regional water quality and bike trail initiatives.  rindrick@kennebecestuary.org


20150124_102424-001Cheri Brunault, Stewardship Coordinator

From May to October 2014, Cheri was the Regional Field Person for KELT helping to survey and map natural communities and trail corridors as well as assisting with grant applications. As KELT’s first Stewardship Coordinator, she will help recruit, communicate, and train volunteers and be involved with planning trail and preserve management activities- from new signs and kiosks to wetland mapping and species inventories. Much of her background is in invasive plant management, so she will be on the lookout for any undesirable species on KELT lands. cbrunault@kennebecestuary.org



Anna Christie-Carnicella, Land Protection Coordinator

Anna found her way to KELT in 2015 as both a stewardship and a water sampling volunteer in Phippsburg. She joined the staff in 2016 as Development Coordinator, and in 2017 transitioned to the role of Land Protection Coordinator. She spends her days immersed in the details of land projects, helping with conservation easement stewardship, managing the donor database, and coordinating grants. acarnicella@kennebecestuary.org



Charlotte Thompson, Operations Coordinator

Charlotte was an Americorps volunteer with KELT during the 2016 season to help build the new trail at Morse Pond Preserve. From there she stayed on to asist with bookeeping, fundraising and connecting with volunteers. As a recent graduate, Charlotte will be using her background in sociology and environmental conservation to assist with a myriad of operational KELT tasks. cthompson@kennebecestuary.org