Browntail Moths in Bath

Credit: Jan Samanek, State Phytosanitary Administration,

When: Wednesday, February 22 at 6:00pm

Where: Patten Free Library in Bath

Join us to learn more about this insect– its effects on trees in Bath and unfortunately, on ourselves!

Many of us were made aware of the presence of the browntail moth last spring and summer. The distinctive, fuzzy caterpillars munching on the leaves of our trees. For some of us, that oh-so unfortunate and itchy rash that developed after a walk in the woods or time spent in our backyards.

The browntail moth, a destructive invasive insect, can defoliate a tree just as buds are opening in the spring. The moth’s microscopic hairs can also cause rash and respiratory problems in humans.

Credit: Jan Samanek, State Phytosanitary Administration,

The event is free and open to the public.

Speakers include:

  • Bath arborist, Kyle Rosenburg

  • UMaine Extension staff member, Lynne Holland

  • a representative from the medical community

There will be time for questions from the audience.

Thanks to our fellow sponsors: the City of Bath, Maine Board of Pesticides Control, and UMaine Extension.

For more information or to request a disability accommodation, contact or 207.353.5550

Credit: Maine Forest Service

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