Dog walkers take Note!

DigiPot at Thorne HeadBATH- Clean water is essential for the health of children, families and wildlife. Water pollution comes from many sources including lawn fertilizers, automobile fluids and pet waste. Thanks to a generous donor, the Kennebec Estuary Land Trust recently installed a bag dispenser and waste receptacle at Thorne Head Preserve in Bath so dog walkers can easily pick up after their pets and do their part in keeping a healthy environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency classifies pet waste as a “nonpoint source of pollution”, which puts it in the same category as oil and toxic chemicals! Proper disposal is essential to protect our land and water resources.

Thorne Head is one of very few public properties open to dogs, and the land trust hopes that this disposal system will help visitors clean up after their pets.

KELT encourages visitors to enjoy their eight preserves and treat the land respectfully. For information on Thorne Head or other properties owned by KELT please visit the conserved lands page.