Fish Count Sign-up Calendar

Sign-up for counting slots in May and June.

(We’re trying out a new sign-up system this year.  Please contact Ruth Indrick if you have any problems signing up.)

Calendar 1: 2018 Sign-Up Calendar – Click on open shifts to sign up to count alewives this year

Calendar 2: 2018 Volunteer Schedule – See when you and your friends signed up to count

  • Tips for the New Sign-Up Sheet
  • Times that say ‘(full)‘ already have a volunteer signed up and are no longer available.
  • Enter ‘1’ into the ‘Number of Volunteers‘ section even if multiple people will be counting.  This form won’t allow numbers greater than 1, but groups of any size are welcome to come count fish!
  • Please record the approximate number of people who will be counting in the ‘Volunteer Notes‘ section of the sign-up form.
  • We’ve had people mention that it is annoying to have to enter your address multiple times if you are signing up for multiple days.  We’re not able to change this in the calendar, but one volunteer reported that using the browser Google Chrome helped because it autofilled the boxes after she went through it once.

2018 Sign-Up Calendar (click on an open shift to sign up)


2018 Volunteer Schedule      (This will be updated as volunteers sign up, but it may take 24 to 48 hours for updates to happen.)

Questions, Concerns, or Scheduling Changes?

Contact: Ruth Indrick


2018 Nequasset Alewife Count

Volunteer Fish Counting Instructions