Mindful Meditation Walk

This Great Maine Outdoor Weekend, enjoy the peace of a quiet and mindful amble through a winter woodland.

When: Saturday, February 10 at 9:00am

Where: Butler Head Preserve in Bath

Join KELT Volunteer, Bobby Carnicella, for a guided meditation walk. Meet at the 2nd parking area.

The goal of this event will be to encourage participants to engage fully in their senses to experience a winter walk.  Bobby will offer some initial guidelines on how to walk in nature mindfully and talk briefly about the benefits of experiencing the outdoors in a mindful attitude.  The walk will be mostly silent with occasional reminders from the leader to refocus attention back to the present moment.

Let us know you’ll be joining! Sign-up using the Google Form below or call KELT at 207-442-8400.


Bobby Carnicella is a clinical psychologist who works at Sandcastle Clinical and Educational Services in Lewiston.  Bobby has enjoyed incorporating mindfulness into his practice and leading mindful nature walks.

To get to Butler Head Preserve: From Bath, follow Oak Grove Ave. north and continue as it becomes Whiskeag Rd. Turn right on North Bath Road and travel north until you reach Varney Mill Rd. Turn right and continue north until you see Butler Cove Rd. on the left and the sign for Butler Head Preserve. Turn left and follow the road to the second parking area.

This event were generously supported by