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KELT has assisted the Bath Water District in restoring the Nequasset Dam and fish ladder at the mouth of Nequasset Lake.   This lake provides 537 acres of prime spawning habitat for alewives that the fish can only reach with the aid of this important ladder.  This is a beautiful site with an interesting history.  Check out the videos and articles listed below for images and information.

Nequasset Fish Ladder Restoration Time Lapse Video

Nequasset Fish Ladder Video1Time Lapse Video of the Construction of the New Nequasset Fish Ladder

See the 2014 construction of the new Nequasset Fish Ladder, and learn about what makes Nequasset a unique fish passage site.



Videos Showcasing the Nequasset Fish Ladder and Alewife Harvest

video image1Nequasset Fish Ladder Restoration Project Video

This 6 minute video tells the story of the Nequasset alewife run and KELT’s work in the Woolwich community to restore the ladder and ensure a successful run of alewives for decades to come.


fish video 2016Not Just a Fish Tale

Bowdoin College students Sam Mayne and Adrienne Hanson prepared a video about alewife restoration and the importance of alewives to fisheries in the Gulf of Maine. The Nequasset fish ladder restoration is highlighted.


sb videoCasco Bay Stories: Alewife Harvester Steve Bodge

Casco Bay Stories, a program of the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, interviewed Steve Bodge about the Nequasset alewife harvest and his role harvesting fish and protecting alewives.


bdn videoAlewife Harvest,   Woolwich, Maine,   May 13, 2012

Christopher Cousins, at the Bangor Daily News, recorded this video as a part of his article, “Ancient Tradition of Harvesting Alewives Still Going Strong in Woolwich.”



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Nequesset Fish Ladder Reconstruction Stories

Nequasset Fish Count and Alewife Run Stories

Nequasset Alewife Harvest Stories


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