Officer SALTY – Sea Animal Life for Tomorrow’s Youth

officer salty 1 brighterThis exciting and interactive 6 part series of education programs brings marine life into the classroom and gives students the chance to see, touch, dissect, and learn about local marine organisms.  It was started by the State Marine Patrol, but when Marine Patrol and a local Shellfish Warden were unable to keep the program going, KELT stepped up to continue and expand this program in Kennebec Estuary schools.  The program ties in closely with a classroom touch tank and the 4th grade focus on marine life, giving students the opportunity to observe, study and learn about the Gulf of Maine.

The 6 part series of exciting lessons includes:

  1. Introduction to the Gulf of Maine and Fisheries
  2. Mollusks
  3. Arthropods
  4. Echinoderms
  5. Cephalopods/Squid
  6. Boating Safety

Have questions or want to bring Officer SALTY to your classroom?

Contact KELT’s Education Coordinator, Becky Kolak