Stewardship Series 2015

Learning to care for the land that supports us.

Join KELT’s Stewardship Coordinator, Cheri Brunault, for three workshops to learn valuable skills to become stewards of the land. Read the teaser event descriptions below!

More details will be added to each event listing as they are decided. These workshops are tailored for an adult audience. Limited class sizes!

Past Events:

Springtime Splendor for Amphibians: Seek Out and Assess Vernal Pools

Where: Morse Pond Preserve in Georgetown

Join KELT at our brand-spanking-new preserve before anyone else! Explore the basics about vernal pools and help us locate possible pool sites. Learn how the state designates a vernal pool habitat. Be sure to listen for the chorus of affable amphibians looking for their springtime sweethearts.

This workshop is generously supported by:






A Home for Creatures Great and Small: Building Habitats for Wildlife

When: Sunday, May 3 at 1:00pm

Where: Sewall Woods Preserve in Bath

Explore the wide range of habitats utilized by forest wildlife. Learn how humans can help to augment the types of shelters available to animals by visiting the owl boxes, bat box, and native bee log installed in the preserve. Learn how you can manage a landscape to provide a variety of environments and food sources for animals. Discover the basics of building shelter boxes and help to construct an inviting wildlife brush pile!

This workshop is generously supported by:

Rogers Ace Hardware






Flora Invasion! Managing Invasive Plant Species

When: Saturday, May 16 at 1:00pm

Where: Weber Kelly Preserve in Georgetown

Learn how to identify some common invasive plant species and understand why they’re considered so threatening to the forests of Maine. Hear recommendations on how to get them off your property and where to turn for more info. Utilize an online service to report and map infestations and practice some effective removal techniques!

This workshop is generously supported by: