Spring Stewardship Series 2017

Each spring, KELT hosts a series of workshops for folks to learn new techniques to care for the land and explore new places and habitats.

We’ve invited experts to share their knowledge about the wild places that make our corner of Maine so special! These events are free and open to public. Workshop content is targeted for adults and children 10 years old and older. These are light rain or shine events.

Registration is required due to the limited class size. Please contact KELT at 207-442-8400 or using the Google form at the bottom of this page.


Springtime Splendor for Amphibians: Vernal Pools of Thorne Head Preserve

Photo by Alicia Dole

When: NEW DATE, Sunday, April 23 at 1pm

Where: Thorne Head Preserve in Bath

An encore presentation–we’re bounding out into the springtime forest to find ephemeral pools that host affable amphibians looking for their springtime sweethearts! This April, join Stewardship Coordinator Cheri Brunault to explore the amphibian haven, Thorne Head Preserve. Learn about the basics of vernal pools, meet some amazing critters that inhabit these short-lived environments, and how the state designates and protects vernal pools.


Photo by Sara King

Wondrous Wild Flowers: Spring Ephemerals of Squam Creek with the New England Wildflower Society

When: Saturday, May 20 at 12:30pm

Where: Squam Creek Preserve (KELT’s new, upcoming preserve)

We’re pleased to be joined by Laney Widener, Botanical Coordinator for the New England Wildflower Society. She brings her extensive knowledge and passion for the lovely springtime flowers that grace Maine’s wild landscapes. Meet Laney at Squam Creek Preserve on Westport Island to learn to ID common and not-so-common species and the needs of these flowering plants.




Questions? Contact Becky at bkolak@kennebecestuary.org.

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Past Events:

Beyond the Leaves: Winter Tree ID at Lilly Pond Community Forest

Where: Lilly Pond Community Forest in Bath

How do you identify a tree if it has no leaves? KELT Stewardship Coordinator Cheri Brunault will teach you what clues to looks for in twigs, branch structure, and bark to figure out the trees of the forest, even if they are not wearing their characteristic foliage.