Winter Wonderland in the Kennebec Estuary

Pull on extra warm layers, strap on a pair of snowshoes, and meet us outside!

Let’s face it—February is a cold month in Maine. It gets dark early and can be bit icy too. All conditions that may make you feel the urge to mimic some of our wild mammalian friends and hibernate. BUT let KELT make the case for our region’s winter wonderland…just waiting to be experienced!

KELT is hosting a series of winter outdoor adventures to get you moving and exploring neat places throughout the estuary. You’ll learn new skills and perhaps see some new landscapes.

Past Events

Great Maine Outdoor Weekend at Squam Creek Preserve

Saturday, February 4 at 9:30am

Click HERE for details. We’re inviting folks to check out KELT’s upcoming preserve on Westport Island. We’re in the process of protecting it and we want you to experience it during this exclusive sneak peek.


Peterson Canal Hike in Bath

Sunday, February 5 at 11:00am

Click HERE for details. This annual trek along the historic canal is a real treat for nature lovers and history buffs alike. Co-sponsored by the New Meadows Lake Association, Bath Historical Society, Friends of Merrymeeting Bay, and KELT.


Animal Tracking at DeWick Farm in Woolwich

Saturday, February 18 at 9:30am

Even in the dead of winter, the natural world is brimming with activity. Maine has very few animals that are true hibernators, or animals that spend winter in a dormant state. Many of the creatures you thought were hidden away for the coldest parts of the year do get out and about. Join us to learn the process of tracking and identifying these furry and feathered friends. DeWick Farm is a KELT easement that was generously donated by the DeWick Family. A mixture of woodland, fields, and shoreline, it will serve as an excellent backdrop to tell the stories of Maine’s wildlife in winter. Led by Maine Master Naturalists Priscilla Seimer and Becky Kolak.


Mindful Meditation at Morse Pond Preserve

Saturday, February 25 at 9:30am

For the final outing in the Winter Wonderland series, Bobby Carnicella will lead a mindful nature walk at our Morse Pond Preserve in Georgetown.  The goal of this event will be to encourage participants to engage fully in their senses to experience a winter walk.  Bobby will offer some initial guidelines on how to walk in nature mindfully and talk briefly about the benefits of experiencing the outdoors in a mindful attitude.  The walk will be mostly silent with occasional reminders from the leader to refocus attention back to the present moment.

Bobby Carnicella is a clinical psychologist who works at Sandcastle Clinical and Educational Services in Lewiston.  Bobby has enjoyed incorporating mindfulness into his practice and leading mindful nature walks.

These events were generously supported by